Am I Back?

Shucks, this is awkward. I feel it has been ages since I last wrote anything on this blog. I checked the last post, it was in April. Seven months. It's been like years.

Rusty and melodramatic, I know. But I just feel emotional writing again. I'm having mixed emotions as I write these words. Not sure if I should be happy I'm back at it or sad because I feel like I lost my touch, my flair.

I still could not figure out why I stopped writing. I remember I had several drafts done but none of which I published. Sadly, I'm not sure if I'd still want to do so. What I know is a part of me is a writer, and a part of me is saying I should just keep it to myself.

Perhaps, this is a start... breaking in, I suppose...

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Reflection: For A Change

From my April 27 Daily Kabbalah Tune Up:
"A great Kabbalist once said, "When you get busy worrying about the welfare of others, the Light gets busy worrying about you." ----- The Kabbalah Centre

Lately (up until now actually), I have been bothered by a lot of things on decisions I have made and what repercussions it may bring forward. I have been having sleepless nights, listless moments, and times when I just stay still for a long time - lost in my thoughts.

I'd say that I am at a stage in my life where, after years of bliss, I am facing one of my toughest challenges and this reminder presents me a new perspective - to worry about others instead.

Tough order, but may be worth a shot. I am not 100% sold to it yet, but possibly I should leave it all up to my old man upstairs. I know he has something better for me. Things happen for a reason.

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Fearless Forecast: American Idol Season 8

It's just four weeks to go and the new American Idol will be identified! Who would it be? Who would America choose? Who would Simon, Paula, Randy, and Kara be rooting for?

I've been loyally following this season's show. There were only two runs when I missed it, all because of work!
Then I missed the replays as well, but saw the elimination shows anyway.

As of this writing, there are only five of them left - Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Alison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, and Kris Allen. I would have to agree with Randy Jackson's comment that this season has one of the best contestants in the Top 13. And they're getting better and better as well as they inch themselves to the finale.

Obviously the crowd-faves are Adam and Danny who from the onset were already evident stars in their own right. Matt and Alison has been in the show's bottom three a couple of times while Kris has never been in it and is emerging to be the "dark horse" of the group.

Adam Lambert's theatrical background and love for singing has honed his vocal skills. His falsetto is amazing. Paula even compared him to the likes of the Rolling Stones. He does not fear to be different from the rest and continues to claim his performances as his own show. Apart from this, he is also good looking, confident, and his seeming dark aura makes him very appealing to both the female and male fans. In spite his allegedly gay photos circulating on the web, he remains to be much loved by his fans. He would definitely be in the final three.

Danny Gokey is one of the contestants featured during the auditions. He auditioned with his best friend who was equally good but was eliminated during the Hollywood week. Part of what was revealed about him was his wife died and so his singing is a tribute to her. At first I found that endearing but at some point I felt he used it a bit to increase his popularity. The judges often praise him for his perfect vocals. He reaches notes that are very difficult to do so. This guy is good. So good he can be a bore, but absolutely one of the top three.

Alison Iraheta, the last woman standing from the Final 13. This 16-year old can definitely sing and how powerful and bold she could be when she does so. What I like about her is she carries herself so well she shows who she really is. She's not a typical teenager with goody-good looks. She likes to be different, she dresses and acts according to her whim. This is manifested in her rocker-like look, red hair, and overall persona. Alison will definitely be someone to watch out for. At her age, she may still improve and perhaps someday become a recording artist. But for now, I'd say she's not going to win.

Matt Giraud. The judges, in spite Simon Cowell's equally fearless forecast that he's not going to win anyway, decided to use their "one-save" when he was pitted against Lil Rounds s a few weeks ago. He started strong with his Hollywood week audition with a Ray Charles song but week after week, with lousy song choices and his often been included in the bottom three has perchance dampened his spirits. He is struggling to stand out from among the best in his group. No doubt about it, he could sing well but like Alison, he will not make it.

Kris Allen. Ah, the singer with the boy-next-door looks. He just becomes a darling when he starts singing! I'd say that Kris began with lackluster appeal and seemingly subtle confidence but with the constant judges' prodding and advises for him to look and feel certain, he indeed is coming out from his shell and is rocking! His song renditions are varied and original. His rendition of "Ain't no Sunshine" while playing the piano and acoustic version of "She works hard for the money" were two of his best performances. Let me add that these were also two of the most memorable and original ones in the show! He's a genius! Sure ball top three.

So, is it going to be Adam, Danny, or Kris?

ADAM will be the shoo-in winner. But DANNY and KRIS will be great contenders and will undeniably have recording contracts after AI 8.

P.S. I like Adam Lambert but I heart Kris Allen!!!

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